Facebook Review Tab

Add a "Reviews" tab on your Facebook page, making it convenient for Social Media savvy customers to view all your reviews with ease. 

They can also share the reviews with their friends right from the page!

How do I add the "Reviews" tab in  Facebook  business page?

  1. Go to Stamped.io Settings, then Social Tab 
  2. Under "Social Accounts", click on the link "add Reviews tab in FB page"
  3. A new window opens, click on the drop down "Facebook Pages" and select the page to add the Reviews tab. Click on "Add Page Tab"
  4. Done! You'll be directed to Stamped.io Facebook Page
  5. (Optional) You can reorder the tab in the Page. Simply head to your Facebook business page, click on "More" button in the navigation tabs, and click on "Manage Tabs", and reorder the tabs, click on "Save"

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