Zendesk + Stamped.io

Integrate your product reviews with Zendesk by using your respective Zendesk email as the appointed notification email to receive Question and Answers inquiries and to be alerted about Low Rating Reviews. 

To change the email for Questions and Answers please visit Dashboard Settings =>  Questions and Answers => Notifications.

To change the notification email for Low Reviews please visit your Dashboard Settings => Product Reviews => Notifications 

Adding reply to reviews by replying to the notification emails

You will receive a notification email similar to below

When you set the 'Notification' settings in Stamped.io for new reviews to a Zendesk email, you'll receive a ticket similar to this (attached):

You can reply directly to the ticket by copying the section like this:
==========Add your reply below this line==========
Type reply here

Example of a reply:

The reply between the section will be added into the review automatically :)

This allows for customer service staff to reply to reviews via helpdesk app directly.

Utilizing Tags in Helpdesk notification reply

Here are three tags that your CSO can utilize in the reply:

  • @private - set the reply as private 
  • @email - email the reply to customer
  • @publish - publish the review in storefront


==========Add your reply below this line==========
Thank you for your review John! @publish @email

The example above will add the reply to the reviews, set the review as published and will be emailed to the customer.

If you've any questions, do contact us at hello@stamped.io.

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