Getting Started - Magento

For Magento 1.x

4 Step Success Checklist

  1. Install the Plugin, you can download our plugin here:

    Magento Marketplace:


    Or direct download link:

    • Activate the Plugin
    • Go to System Configuration => => Settings and fill out the following 
    • Update your display settings to determine where you want your reviews displayed on your product pages. 
  2. Import Existing Reviews to - Upload Existing Review Content 
    • With our Reviews Importer, you can easily import/migrate all your current reviews into
    • For more details please visit our Migration Guide
  3. Reviews Request Email - Request New User Generated Content
    • Let’s get you started with the general email settings.
      • Type your shop name in the text box under ‘Store Name’ and ‘From Name’
      • Settings => General Email Settings
    • Customize the review request emails with your Company branding:
      • Add your Logo
      • Personalize the email message to match your branding! 
      • Customize the email background, font and star colors
      • Manage the email sending options to what best fits your store
  4. Widget Installation -  Showcase your User-Generated Content
    • Set Up Display Widgets
    • With a little bit of code (or a little bit of help from your developers), it's easy to display your reviews in various parts of your store using widgets. Each widget has a custom snippet that you place into where you want it showcased on your website.
    • Our widgets allow you to easily showcase your user-generated contents on your website. For example in a tab on the side of the page or a carousel of your best reviews in your sites cart page to encourage a checkout.

Supported Shortcodes

To display the badge in category pages:

<?php $this->helper('stamped')->showBadge($this, $_product); ?>

To display the reviews widget (programatically):

<?php $this->helper('stamped')->showWidget($this, $_product); ?>

To display reviews widget in a different position, add the following <div> element in the location you'll want the widget to appear:

<div id="stamped-main-widget-placeholder"></div>

To add rich snippets support

<div itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="">
<?php $array = $this->helper('stamped')->getRichSnippet($this); ?>
<span itemprop="name"><?php echo $_product->getName();?></span>
<span itemprop="ratingValue"><?php echo $array["average_score"]; ?></span>
<span itemprop="ratingCount"><?php echo $array["reviews_count"]; ?></span>

For Magento 2.0 Setup

1. Link to Magento Plugin Install, download the plugin here:  


Or direct download link:   M2 Plugin download link

2. You need to unzip it and place it in app/code folder then use terminal to go to Magento root and give 777 permission to var, pub folder then run setup upgrade command :php bin/magento setup:upgrade
then again give 777 permission to var, pub folder

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