LoyaltyLion + Stamped.io Integration

The integration allows you to award points to your customers when they submit after purchase reviews (not checkout reviews).

Installing the Stamped.io integration

To set up the installation you must have both Stamped.io and Shopify Product Reviews apps

1. Click on "Manage" > Activity Rules > Create new rule

2. Select "Leave a review via Stamped.io"

3. Enable review notifications:
Open your Stamped.io account > click on 'Notifications' > enable email notifications > add your unique LoyaltyLion email address in your notification settings in Stamped.io

4. Forward emails: 
We will forward the review emails to you at this address. Leave blank if you don't want to receive any review emails:

5. Save the changes in Stamped.io

6.  Set up points for leaving a review 
Assign points > Set approval period > Limit number of points given for reviews (to prevent customers from abusing the rule) > write your unique notification

7. Click create rule and you're all set! 🎉

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