Liquid Tips

With our new Liquid Support, here are some possibilities and tips you can customize and personalize your review request emails!

Multi-lingual Support:

{% if == "France" %}
	Bonjour {{customer.first_name}},
	Vous avez récemment acheté {{order.featured_product_title}}
	Obtenez un code de réduction de 10% en soumettant votre avis.
{% else %}
	Hello {{customer.first_name}},
	You recently purchased {{order.featured_product_title}}
	Get a <strong>10% discount code</strong> by submitting your review today.
{% endif %}<br>

Yes that's right! You can now send review request emails based on the customer's country, speak their local language and increase reviews conversions!

Personalizing your email, 

{% assign day = 'now' | date: '%A' %} 
{% if day == 'Friday' %}     
	Happy weekend,
{% else %}     
	Happy {{day}},
{% endif %}

Liquid variable reference:

Liquid documentation:

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