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With our new Liquid Support, here are some possibilities and tips you can customize and personalize your review request emails.

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Multi-lingual Support

You can now send review request emails based on the customer's country, speak their local language and increase reviews conversions.

{% if == "France" %}
	Bonjour {{customer.first_name}},
	Vous avez récemment acheté {{order.featured_product_title}}
	Obtenez un code de réduction de 10% en soumettant votre avis.
{% else %}
	Hello {{customer.first_name}},
	You recently purchased {{order.featured_product_title}}
	Get a <strong>10% discount code</strong> by submitting your review today.
{% endif %}

Personalizing Your Email

You can further personalize the review email using available variables, here is just one example and the possibilities are endless:

{% assign day = 'now' | date: '%A' %} 
{% if day == 'Friday' %}     
	Happy weekend,
{% else %}     
	Happy {{day}},
{% endif %}

Placing the Codes in Email Sequence Message

You can place the above codes in the email sequence message to start customizing the review email for your store:

  1. Head over to Settings - Customize - Reviews - Email Sequence
  2. Click on the "HTML" button to change the message input to accept HTML codes

  3. Paste the codes into the message and edit accordingly to fit the needs of your store.

  4. Your review email will now be rendered accordingly to the liquid codes placed in the message.

Should you have any questions or require assistance with the feature, simply email us at

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