Klaviyo + Stamped.io

With Klaviyo Integration, you'll now be able to create an automation email to target specific customer groups based on their recent user-content submission.

For example, you can send a 'Thank You' email to the customer for a positive review, or, an 'Apology' email if the customer submitted a negative review.

In This Guide

Activating The Integration

  1. In Klaviyo Settings, find and copy the Public API Key / Site ID: 
  2. Paste the API Key in https://go.stamped.io/v3/#/settings/apps/klaviyo
  3. Save and done.

When a new review is received after the integration has been enabled, a "Custom Event" will be created in the Customer's Klaviyo profile.

Possible Tracking Events

These tracking events will be pushed to Klaviyo customer's profile:

  • SubmittedReviewPositive
  • SubmittedReviewNegative
  • SubmittedReview
  • SubmittedNPS
  • SubmittedQuestion

Sending Review Emails Using Klaviyo

You can now send out review emails using Klaviyo with the following guide: https://help.stamped.io/article/184-send-review-requests-using-email-marketing-apps

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