Klaviyo + Stamped.io

 With Klaviyo Integration, you'll now be able to create powered-up campaigns & automated emails using social proof that can better target your customers and generate improved results.

Here are some examples of the possibilities with the integration enabled:

Setting up improved flows using the custom form feature

By making use of Stamped.io's custom form feature, you can integrate the collected data into Klaviyo's customer profile, and make use of these data to set up segments/flows that can better target the customer groups for your marketing campaigns.

Below illustrates how the custom form answers submitted by customers are pulled in as customer properties in Klaviyo using the segment feature:

Once the segment is set up, it can be used as part of a flow to target customers based on the specific profiles. Here's a campaign created for customers who have submitted a positive feedback for the custom form questions based on the example above, which invites them to be part of the brand's ambassador team:

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination and creativity!

Social proof the emails sent out from Klaviyo

You can now include the top reviews submitted by customers in the email campaigns, be it email for abandoned carts, sale announcements etc. This will provide social proofing for the emails and result in better conversions.

Note: The integration is available on the Business and Professional plan 

Here's our video tutorial showcasing the setup of the Klaviyo integration:
Part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb1RmlXt7qA
Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjZJnIegl5Y

In This Guide

Activating The Integration

  1. In Klaviyo Settings, find and copy the Public API Key / Site ID + Private API key for Stamped.io: 

    Here's the guide from Klaviyo on how the interface should look: https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005062267-Manage-Your-Account-s-API-Keys

  2. Paste the Site ID + API Key in https://go.stamped.io/v3/#/settings/apps/klaviyo
  3. Save and done.

* When a new review is received after the integration has been enabled, a "Custom Event" will be created in the Customer's Klaviyo profile.

Possible Tracking Events

These tracking events will be pushed to Klaviyo customer's profile:

  • SubmittedReviewPositive
  • SubmittedReviewNegative
  • SubmittedReview
  • SubmittedReviewVideo
  • SubmittedReviewPhoto
  • SubmittedNPS
  • SubmittedQuestion

Creating a Segment to Filter for Tracking Events

You can create a segment in Klaviyo to group the customers according to the events (customers who submitted positive review in one segment, negative review in another etc.)

  1. Head over to Lists & Segments under the left menu:

  2. Create a new segment:

  3. Select "What someone has done (or not done)" under the definition drop-down list, which filters for tracking events:

  4. Search for Stamped.io's tracking events, which will be under the API category:

  5. It's possible to define the criteria further by filtering for the properties within the tracking event. For example, the tracking event "SubmittedReviewPositive" will include all 4 and 5 star rating reviews by default. A filter for the property ReviewedRating can be added to only include 5 star reviews:

  6. Fill up the rest of the details for the segment as required.

Here's a detailed guide from Klaviyo on creating a segment: https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005237908-Create-a-Segment

Common Use-case and Example

  • Create a segment for customers who left a positive review, which can be used for email campaigns (reward/thank you emails)

  • Create a segment for customers who left a negative review, which can be used for email campaigns (apology/follow up emails)

  • Send review request emails via Klaviyo
  • Sync customers properties (e.g. age, height, waist, shoe size) from Stamped.io to customer’s profile on Klaviyo
  • Sync customer’s reviews & rewards events & properties to Klaviyo
  • Create segments using customer’s reviews & rewards events & properties
  • Add dynamic latest positive reviews in your email templates
  • Sync unsubscribers from Klaviyo to Stamped.io

Including Top Reviews in Email Template

  1. Create a new web feed in Klaviyo by navigating to Data Feeds => Add Web Feed
  2. Fill up the fields:

    Feed name
    Name to identify the feed (to be used in Step #4 below)

    Feed URL
    You will find the URL under Stamped.io's dashboard, Settings - Apps - Klaviyo Integration

    You can further specify the reviews to retrieve from the feed by including the following parameters:

    Filter the feed based on the indicated review ID(s), include multiple of the same parameter if you would like to filter multiple review ID(s).
    E.g. reviewIds=123&reviewIds=456

    Filter the feed based on the indicated product ID(s), similarly include multiple of the same parameter if you would like to filter multiple product ID(s). 
    E.g. productIds=123&productIds=456

    Sort the feed to showcase featured reviews at the top. 

    Filter the feed based on reviews with the tag applied
  3. Request Method 

    Content Type 

  4. Within Klaviyo's email template, create a table block with 1 column. Select "dynamic" under source.

  5. Under "Data Source", enter the following details into the fields:
    Row Collection


    Note: ##feed_name_here## (including the hashes) needs to be replaced with the actual feed name entered on step #2 above

    Row Alias 

  6. Switch to the HTML editor for the column, enter the following codes:

    <p><span style="font-size:18px;color:#FFD700;">★★★★★</span><strong>{{ review.reviewTitle }}</strong><br />{{ review.reviewMessage }}<br/></p><br>

  7. Check the relevant data feed so that the reviews can be relayed into the template. This can only be activated:

  8. Save the template and you will see the top reviews populated in the table section. You will be able to preview the content when selecting the email template in your campaign setup:
    Note: You can use these codes to surface the customer's photos if available, or any other details available within the review feed.

Sync Unsubscribers & Customer Properties

Once the integration is set up, you can proceed to use the 2 sync options available:

  1. Sync Unsubscribers
    This will sync the unsubscribe list from Klaviyo over to Stamped.io, which ensures that customers who have unsubscribed to your stores' email will not receive a review email from Stamped.io as well.
    NOTE: The manual sync for unsubscribers has to be done manually each time you would like to update the subscribers list in Stamped.io
  2. Sync Customer Properties
    Reviews within Stamped.io's dashboard will sync over to Klaviyo and populate the customer properties, this includes any custom form answers.
    Here's an example:
    NOTE: This has only to be done once during the initial setup of the integration! Moving forward the sync will be automated.

Setting Up Review Links Using Klaviyo

You can now send a review link using Klaviyo with the following guide: https://help.stamped.io/article/487-sending-a-review-page-link-using-email-marketing-apps