Coupons for Incentivizing

Offer your customer's incentives coupons, it encourages your customers to write and share their reviews. Also giving them the reason to return back to your store to redeem the coupon on their next purchase. Reward customers with coupons is a great way to upsell your products to your customers, increase revenue and customer acquisition.

To enable Coupons, simply head to the Coupons Settings page:
Settings - Coupons

  • To send coupon code only if they write a review without sharing, check the checkbox: "Write a review".
  • To send coupon code only if they Write AND Upload a review photo, check the checkbox: "
  • To send coupon code only if they write AND share, check the checkbox: "Write AND Share a review".
  • Or enable all of the above to send a coupon (e.g. 10%) when the customers write a review only, or, a different coupon (e.g. 15%) when they write AND share
NOTE: If you've enabled all 3 types of coupons, ultimately only 1 coupon will be sent to the customer based on the last action taken.
Example #1: customer submits a review, and upload a photo for the review, they'll receive the " write AND upload a review photo" coupon code.
Example #2: customer submits a review, uploads a photo and shares the review,  customer  will receive the " write AND share" coupon code.

The customization fields will show, simply change it to suit your store's branding or use the default text.

For the "Coupon" field, you can select  Static or Dynamic.

Static = ONE fixed coupon code
 that will be sent to all the customers, so all customers will receive the same coupon code

Dynamic = Multiple coupon codes can be imported into the app via the "Import Coupons" button, so each coupons sent will be different for each customer. Simply create the discount coupons via the Shopify's Admin:

Once you've created the discount coupons, Import the CSV into the Coupons page by clicking "Import Coupons":

Important Note: Once you've enabled the Coupon feature, it's recommended to include a message in the review request email to indicate that a coupon code will be emailed once the customer has submitted a review e.g.:

Or the "Thank You" page to inform the customer that a different coupon will be sent to them if they choose to share their review in Social Media:

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