Import Review Request Emails

Have retail store customers or orders placed outside of the e-commerce platform that you also want to send review requests to?  
*Note: If you have orders placed prior the installation of our app and like to send review emails to your past customers, you can simply Import History Order

1. Download CSV File (Need an example to refer? Click here)

2. Fill in the customer's and order details

3. Import the CSV File to our app

The table below describes the headers of the CSV file (the top row) and types of information that belongs in each column:

Header Name Review Request Information
email The customer's email address
firstName The customer's first name
lastName The customer's last name
location City or Country
orderNumber An identifier number for the customer's order

*Note: Has to be unique
orderId An identifier number for record

*Note: Has to be unique from the Order Number
orderDate The date of purchase

Format: YYYY-MM-DD
productId A system-generated product identifier, not SKU.

Here's a  guide for find the Product ID
productTitle Name of the product in your store
productImageUrl The web address of the product image.

Here's how you can get the URL of the Product Image
1. Right-click on the product image
2. Copy Image Address

An example of the Product Image Url:
productUrl The web address of the product page

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