Sentiment Analysis

Need help with highlighting reviews for your attention? (e.g 5 stars rating with false-positive reviews)

Let the Sentiment Analysis assist you!

It's an AI-enabled feature that analyzes reviews contents to determine if a review matches the rating given by the customers, example:

Usually,  with auto-publishing enabled, the review will be posted to the product's page since it's rated 5-star positive review. 

This can easily mislead/confuse customers/shoppers who are viewing the reviews and affect overall user's experience.

This also helps in preventing false-positive reviews from Social Push and Ads Centre, ensuring that only the best reviews get shown to customers/shoppers :)

The Sentiment Analysis will flag the review so as to highlight that the review requires attention and it will be shown in the 'Flagged' folder.  

Here's how you can enable the Sentiment Analysis feature:

  • Stamped Dashboard > Settings > Scroll down to Sentiment Analysis
  • Click on the checkbox
  • Save

Some more examples:

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