How-to: Moderating Reviews

Moderating reviews in Stamped (Applicable for Display Widgets/Widget 2.0)

  1. Login to Stamped Dashboard
  2. Click on UGC tab
  3. Click the "Cross-out Eye" icon to publish your review
  4. The "Eye" icon will turn green, this means the review is published.

  5. Likewise, if you want to unpublish the review, simply click on the "Green Eye" icon

Moderating reviews in Shopify Product Review (SPR)

If you are using the review widget by Shopify Product Review app, you'll need to moderate your reviews in the Shopify Product Review app

Here's the direct link:

1. Click on the review that you would like to moderate.

2. Click on the publish/unpublish button located under the review title, or at the top right corner of the page

And that's it!

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