PushOwl + Stamped.io

The integration will allow review request notifications to be pushed to your customers automatically.

Note: The integration requires PushOwl app installed, you can install the app here: https://apps.shopify.com/pushowl

In This Guide

Setting Up The Integration

1) Go to Push Owl App:

2) Click on Settings

3) Copy the 'API Token', here's a screenshot for reference:

4) Go to Stamped.io Settings => Apps => PushOwl, paste your API Key in the field and click Save:

5) There are 2 settings which you can customize in the push notification: Push Title and Push Message

Default push title: Please review your recent purchase

Default push message: Write a review for {{ product_title }}

6) Once the integration is set up, the push notification will be triggered at the same time when the review email is sent out to customers.

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