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To get an idea of what the custom form feature is all about, you can visit this page instead.

Creating custom forms is easy with our updated interface. Here is a guide on how to get it done.

In This Guide

Go to Settings - Customize - Reviews - Custom Formsyou should land on this page:

Creating A New Custom Form

Let's work on the default form for now, if the custom form is meant to be applied to all products:

There are 3 settings as shown:

  • Title: Name the title of the custom form.
  • Rules: Set the rules in which the custom form will be activated.
  • Questions: The main content of the custom form.


This is where you can set the rules to determine the scenarios in which the custom form will be used. For an apparel store, a custom form can be created for pants, another for tops and perhaps one more for shoes. The possibilities are endless!

Note: If you are working on the default form, rules does not apply.

There are three types of rules that can be created: Product Type, Product Title and Product ID. They can be a combination of any type within the form.

  • Product Type: Available as a property in certain e-commerce platform (eg.pants, tops, dress etc.)
  • Product Title: Straight up exact title of the product
  • Product ID: If you are unsure of the product ID, use this guide to find it

Questions showcases 4 types of questions that can be added into your custom form:  Checkbox, Radio, Scale and Textbox. Here are the examples of each type of question:

Setting up the questions is simple and similar to rules as above. More importantly there are two options to take note for each question:

  • Public: This will allow the question to be showcased along with the main product review in the widget. Unchecking it will change the question to be only visible in the dashboard.
  • Required: Unchecking this will change the question to become optional in the review submission form. 

Additional Components Displayed In Main Review Widget

When a custom form containing radio or scale question is showcased in the main review widget, additional section will show up in the summary of the main widget to complement the feature:

  • Radio/Scale: Customers will be able to filter the reviews based on the answers given in the radio question though drop-down selection boxes as shown.

  • Scale: A summary of the rating will be shown for each scale question.

Available Options for Display of Scale Custom Form Answers

You can change the appearance of the scale custom form answers over in Widgets - Main Widget - Customizations - Custom form scale type:

There are two display options available, Gauge & Range:

  • Gauge

  • Range

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