Javascript / Events References

Should you require to do further modification to the main widget which involves Javascript, you may have to use's listening event to run the codes after the widget is loaded.

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Adding The Listening Event Code

Add this JS function for listening to events fired by

function addEventListenerStamped(el, eventName, handler) { 
   if (el.addEventListener) { el.addEventListener(eventName, handler); }
   else { el.attachEvent('on' + eventName, function () {; }); } 

// Listening for event
addEventListenerStamped(document, '##replaceWithEventName##', function(e) {

// Example
// Listening for reviews widget loaded event
addEventListenerStamped(document, 'stamped:reviews:loaded', function(e) {


Event Name Fired When
stamped:reviews:submitted Review is submitted through the widget form
stamped:reviews:loaded Reviews main widget loaded


Script Function
StampedFn.toggleForm('review') Toggle the visibility of the review form

Toggle the visibility of the question form

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