Widget 2.0 javascript attributes

Here are the standard Widget 2.0 codes and list of customizations possible.

Note: the value of the attributes may vary depending on the e-commerce platform you're using

<div id="stamped-main-widget" 
data-product-id="{{ product.id }}" 
data-name="{{ product.title | escape }}" 
data-url="{{ shop.url }}{{ product.url }}"
data-image-url="{{ product.featured_image | product_img_url: "large" |replace: '?', '%3F' | replace: '&','%26'}}"
data-description="{{ product.description | escape }}"

Customizable Attributes

Attribute Value What it does
data-take-reviews 1 (numeric, max 30) Limit the number of reviews to load per page
data-take-questions 1 (numeric, max 30) Limit the number of questions to load per page
data-animation false Stops the scrolling to reviews widget on badge rating click

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