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With the integration with Aftership, review emails will be sent out accordingly once the delivery status of the order is updated to "delivered", providing a more accurate method of sending out review emails.

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Setting Up The Integration

  1. Copy the Webhook URL from the following link:
  2. Paste the URL in the Webhook settings in Aftership.
    Here's the documentation from Aftership to locate the Webhook field:
  3. Check the 'Delivered' status.
  4. Save

Changing Interval Of The Integration

The Aftership integration will update the review email of the relevant order in the queue to be sent 1 day after the order has been notified as "delivered".

To change this interval, you will simply need to add "?interval=x" to the tail-end of the webhook URL, where x is the number of days you would like the email to be sent out after the status of the order has been updated to "delivered".

For example: ?interval=3

The above webhook will trigger review emails to be sent out 3 days after the order has been delivered.

Adjusting The Email Sequence Interval

We suggest setting the interval of the review email sequence to be sent 30 - 40 days (based on your preference) after the order is placed, which serves as a fallback in any case that the "delivered" status didn't get notified for any reason:

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