Widget 2.0 - Customizations

You can now customize the appearance of Widget 2.0 easily using the settings available in the dashboard.

In This Guide

Simply go to Settings - Main Widget and you will see the following page:

List Of Settings Available

Here is a table with all the possible settings and illustrations on the section of the widget that is affected for each setting:

Setting Explanation/Examples
Widget Style Change the display style of the widget. Refer to Display Types & Examples
Language Translate the widget to a language of your choice. If the language is not listed in the settings, kindly contact us at hello@stamped.io
Reviews Per Page Change the number of reviews showing in each page. The default setting is 5 per page if left blank.
Limit Words Limit the number of words showing in each review.
Sort Type Change the way reviews are sorted on the widget. Default option is most recent.
Loading Type Change the method of loading new pages of review. Default option is pagination.
Theme Color Change the theme color of the widget. Here are the components affected by this setting:

Star Color  Change the color of the stars in the widget:

Text Color Change the color of most texts in the widget:

Graph Toggle the visibility of the summary graph:

Photo Summary Toggle the visibility of photo summary section (only shown when there's a photo attached to a review):

Sort Options Toggle visibility of the sort options button:

Recommended Percentage Toggle visibility of the recommended percentage section. Only visible when the option is enabled in settings: https://help.stamped.io/article/157-feature-do-you-recommend-this-product

Reviews Tab Toggle visibility of review tab and it's contents:

Customer's Avatar Toggle visibility of customer's avatar in reviews:

Verified Buyer Toggle visibility of verified buyer badge in reviews:

Date Toggle visibility of date on reviews

Questions & Answers Date Toggle visibility of Q&A date (feature available in Business plan and above):

Share Icons Toggle visibility of social sharing icons in reviews:

Vote Icons

Toggle visibility of vote icons in reviews:

Questions & Answers 

Toggle visibility of the Q&A tab, "ask a question" button and any Q&A content (feature available in the Business plan and above): 

Advanced Options

Keywords Filter Toggle the visibility of keywords filter in the widget (feature available in the Business plan and above):

Custom Form Filter Toggle the visibility of custom form filter in the widget (only applicable for radio type custom forms):

Free Text Search Toggle the visibility of free text search in the widget (feature available in the Business plan and above):

CSS Editor

Any additional CSS codes can be added under this section of the settings, This will ensure that any tweaks in the widget will be carried over with a change of themes/files in your platform!

Display Types and Examples

  • Standard

  • 2 Columns

  • Slick Slider

  • Profile

  • Masonry

  • Minimalist

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