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 Have reviews collected outside of a review app and want to import the reviews to 

Note: If you are migrating from another review platform, kindly check out the following document and see if your export file is eligible for direct import: Migrating Existing Reviews

In This Guide

How To Import Your Reviews

  1. Download the CSV file Stamped---Custom-Review-Template.csv
  2. Fill in the details of the reviews
  3. Import them to our app by going to Settings - Importer - Import Reviews
  4. Click the drop-down box at 'Provider Source', select 'Custom Platform'
  5. Upload CSV file

A Note On CSV File

Our users have experienced issue getting data to save properly in a CSV file using Microsoft Excel, especially for lengthy product IDs and date format. We recommend exporting the file as CSV in Google Sheets instead, which will normally resolve any issues.

CSV Template Guidelines

The table below describes the headers of the CSV file (the top row) and types of information that belongs in each column:

Header Name Description Example
The product's numeric ID 

Here's a guide to locate the Product ID for your platform:
The product URL in your store
The image URL of the product

Unsure of how to get your product image URL?

You can retrieve your product image URL by right clicking on the product image, and select "Copy Image Address" as shown:

Header Name Description Example
*Only paid plans
The customer's photo review. An Image URL is required. Separate each Image URL with a comma (,)

Note: A maximum of 3 photos is allowed for each review
The title of the product Goat Mug 16oz (473mL)
A score rating from 1 - 5, where 5 represents the most positive product review and 1 least positive review  5
Title of the review

*If left blank, first 5 words of the review body will be used as the title.
Super awesome product!
Name of the reviewer John Doh
Email address of the reviewer

* Will not be shown on any display widgets
Main content of the review Super awesome product and I love it! You should get one too!

The date and time when customer submits the review. 

2018-12-12 12:00:00
TRUE: Reviews visible on site.

If left blank or other values: Reviews will be imported unpublished in the dashboard.
Response to customer’s review Thank you for your kind review!
(Required if "reply" is filled)
The date and time of response to customer’s review. 

2018-12-13 13:00:00
FALSE: Replies will not be visible on site.

If left blank or other values: Replies will be imported as published.
Tags to be attached to the review
More information on the feature
recommended (Optional) For reviews that recommend the product
More information on the feature
votes_up (Optional) Number of upvotes for the review 1
votes_down  (Optional) Number of downvotes for the review 2
location  (Optional) Country of the customer Singapore

If you have any questions or require any assistance with importing the reviews:

Simply reach out to us at or by sending us a message at the bottom right of this page, and our support team will be here to help.

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