Self-Hosted Full Page Reviews Widget

In Self-Hosted Reviews widget, your reviews will be loaded instantaneously. 

Here are some benefits of using Self-Hosted Reviews widget:

  • Reviews are loaded instantly instead of via Javascript
  • Reviews contents are embedded in HTML, this helps immensely in SEO
Self-hosted reviews page URL:

You can customize the page and add contents to it easily, here are the steps needed:

  1. Create a Page in Shopify's Admin

  2. Title
    Add a title to the page
  3. Content
    Adding contents in this field will show up on top of the reviews widget
  4. Page Title
    This title will be indexed by Search Engine as the Page's title
  5. URL and handle
    This must be set as 'stamped-reviews', this will not affect the Self-Hosted Reviews Widget URL.

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