Shoppable Instagram Gallery

Introducing Instagram Shoppable Gallery.

Shoppable Instagram makes driving traffic to your online store as easy as possible! You can showcase your product ratings, reviews and quantities sold for a more enriched shopping experience, and allow users to make a purchase.

To start showing off Instagram photos in your store, you'll simply need start adding Instagram photos into's Instagram Gallery, and this guide will show you how.

In This Guide

Connecting Your Facebook Account

  1. Head over to UGC - Instagram
  2. Connect your Facebook account (which is linked to the Instagram account) if you are using the feature for the first time.

Adding Photos/Videos To The Gallery

  1. Once you are connected to the Instagram account, you will see photos/videos populating in the tabs: 
    1. @ => contents posted on your store's Instagram account
    2. #UGC => contents tagged to your store's Instagram account by customers 
    3. Search => allows you to search for any contents based on hashtags posted
  2. Once you have selected a content, choose a product from the catalog to tag it to:

  3. Remember to save any changes made before closing the pop-up:

  4. You will see the content added into the gallery:

Adding The Instagram Feed Into Your Store

Once the gallery is populated, the Instagram widget will have to be added into the store for them to be showcased. 

You can generate the widget snippet in the display widgets page of the dashboard:

Here are examples to the two styles of Instagram feed available:

If you are having issues with widget installation, please send us an email at and we will be able to assist you.

Creating Multiple Galleries

  1. Should you wish for a widget to only showcase specific tagged contents, you can select the contents and use the mass select action to add them to a gallery:

  2. Once the gallery is named and created, you can add the following attribute to the widget snippet so that it will display contents that are added to the specific gallery by using its ID: data-instagram-gallery-id=" "
  3. You will find the ID in the "Add to gallery" section once it's created:

    Posts which are tagged as featured will be showcased before the rest in the widget. Simply click on the star icon located below individual posts in the curation interface and ensure that the icon is highlighted:

    Requesting Permission From User

    If the Instagram post tags the store's account with "@", it's possible to request permission from user to reuse the post. This is not required to curate any of the IG posts.

    Below is an example of how the permission request appears on the curation interface:


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