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Our Community Questions & Answers feature are based on 3 incentives:

  • Peer Trust: Customers trust their peers to give honest and unbiased answers, increasing faith and loyalty in your brand.
  • SEO Benefits: All questions are indexable and help to point future search engine queries to your product pages. More web traffic means increased conversions.
  • More Results, Less Work: A no-hassle process ensures that questions are sent to past happy customers to help with answering them for you.

This guide will outline the process of the feature.

In This Guide

Process Of Community Q&A

To initiate a community Q&A, you will simply need to click on "Send to Past Customers" as shown:

The question email will be sent up to 5 customers based on the following priorities:

  • Customers who have left a positive review (4-5 stars)
  • Customers who have purchased the product in the past

Each customer will not receive more than one Q&A email within 10 days.

You can automate this process by enabling the "Community Q&A" setting over in the dashboard under Settings Customize Questions & Answers Community Q&A

Answering Submitted Questions Without Using the Community Feature

There are two ways you can answer the submitted questions instead, without involving your customers:

1. Through the Questions tab in the dashboard:

2. Through the notification email sent out by, once the setting is enabled in the dashboard:

Here's an example of how the question email looks, which includes a form for you to directly submit an answer:

Showcasing Q&As

Questions which are answered can be published and shown in your store through the main review widget.
There is an auto-publish function available to automatically publish all answered questions:

Should you decide to manually publish Q&As instead, head over to the Questions > Unpublished tab

You can then publish any of the reviews by clicking on the eye icon or the publish button:

All published reviews will be shown under the Questions section within the main review widget:

Including Q&A Badge in Product Page

With the Q&A feature enabled, you can include the Q&A portion of the badge codes, which tracks the number of questions for the relevant product:

Here's the badge code to be inserted into the product page template:

<span class="stamped-product-reviews-badge stamped-main-badge" data-id="##replace with product" style="display: inline-block;" data-type="qna"></span>
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