You can now easily push certain events from Stamped.io as a POST request to external services.

In This Guide

List Of Events Covered By The Feature

  1. New review received

Example of Data Pushed

1) X-Stamped-Webhook-Secret
2) X-Stamped-Store-Url
    "customerEmail": "customer@example.com",
    "productUrl": "https://example.store.com/",
    "id": 123456,
    "author": "Nina N.",
    "reviewTitle": "I love the Highs and",
    "reviewMessage": "I love the Highs and Lows necklace. Seamless experience during delivery. Simple, beautiful packaging. Thank you. :)",
    "reviewRating": 5,
    "reviewDate": null,
    "reviewUserPhotos": null,
    "reviewUserVideos": null,
    "reviewVerifiedType": 2,
    "reviewReply": null,
    "reviewReplyDate": null,
    "productId": 123456789,
    "productName": "Highs and Lows Necklace",
    "productImageUrl": "https://exmaple.image.jpg",
    "productImageLargeUrl": null,
    "productImageThumbnailUrl": null,
    "productDescription": null,
    "avatar": null,
    "location": "United States",
    "reviewVotesUp": 0,
    "reviewVotesDown": 0,
    "userReference": null,
    "dateCreated": "2019-08-14T05:02:12.34",
    "dateReplied": null,
    "reviewType": 1,
    "widgetType": null,
    "reviewOptionsList": []

Adding A Webhook

  1. Head over to Settings - Webhooks
  2. Click on "Add Webhook", you will see the following interface:

  3. Fill up the fields accordingly

    1. Payload URL: Target URL to send the POST request to
    2. Secret: Secret API key
    3. Is Active: Uncheck the box to deactivate the webhook
    4. All events: Uncheck the box to only push specific events 
  4. Click "Save" and the webhook will be created.