Omnisend +'s integration with Omnisend allows you to create segments and new workflow based on the review content submitted by your customers, which creates highly effective marketing campaigns and management of customer feedbacks.

With the integration set up, you can segment contacts based on data provided by and send custom workflow emails, such as:

  • Thank your clients for the review submitted via and send an automated personalized emails to them. 
  • Segment your clients based on the latest product review score submitted via (i.e. 1-2 stars), then create and send a special campaign to improve their user experience.

In This Guide

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Head over to Omnisend dashboard and create an API key using the following guide:
  2. Navigate through's dashboard to the apps page and select Omnisend:

  3. Click on "Install App", you can then enter the generated API key under the Instructions header:

  4. Click "save", you can then choose to sync existing review data over to Omnisend by clicking on "Sync Customer Properties".

Custom Events Tracked in Omnisend and Contacts Custom Property

Custom events will be created and triggered from to Omnisend in real time, when a verified review is submitted. Custom event for is named “ Review Created” and it has these fields:

  • Review rating - value of submitted product review
  • Review title - title of submitted review
  • Review message - content of submitted review
  • Review user photos - URL of uploaded client’s photo
  • Review user videos - URL of uploaded client’s video
  • Product name - title of a product that was reviewed
  • Product URL - URL of a product that was reviewed

The following Contacts custom property will be created and will be updated in real time:

  • Stamped.io_latest_review_rating - your clients latest review score submitted via

*Kindly take note thahistorical data will not be uploaded.