Migrating Existing Reviews

Reviews are precious so if you do have reviews collected before the installation of our app, you can definitely migrate them to our app.

Are you migrating your reviews from another review app? If yes, you can directly upload the review CSV file to our app without formatting the file.

Here's a list of the supported apps:

  • Yotpo 
  • Judge.me
  • Kudobuzz
  • Socialshopwave
  • Shopper Approved 
  • Shopify Product Reviews 
If your previous review provider is not mentioned, here's how you can prepare the CSV file and have your reviews imported to our app.
  1. Download CSV File
  2. Fill in the details of the reviews
Once your file is ready, please visit your Importer tab in your Dashboard to upload the file.   Settings - Importer - Reviews

Note: Please use this guide if you're unsure where to locate the Product ID:

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