Searchanise +

Note: Be sure that you've installed Smart Search and Instant Search app ( for Shopify 

or Searchanise app ( for Magento

1) Get the Client ID and Secret Key from

Go to the →  Api  keys tab, and click Show button. Next, copy theClient ID and the Secret Key.

Note: You should log in to the Dashboard to get access the keys. Please do it here

2) Add keys to the Searchanise app

Open  Preferences tab in the Searchanise control panel, and change Reviews Provider value Than  insert Client ID and the Secret Key into the relevant fields, and check your Shop  domain attached  to the reviews service.

3) Apply your changes

Please don’t forget to save the settings by clicking  Apply Changes!

4) Update search results

Go to the  Dashboard section in the Searchanise control panel and click Force re-indexation.

After the indexation is complete, you will see reviews in the search widgets.

Searchanise updates reviews every 12 hours. If you want to update them immediately, click  Force re-indexation.

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