Getting Started - Shopify

You've taken the first step to start your User-Generated Contents (UGC) journey.

In just a few steps we can make it happen together.

4 Step Success Checklist

  1. Install and Setup Shopify Reviews App
  2. Add Existing Reviews to
    1. If you have existing reviews in other platforms please export them to CSV and import them via our Importer tab in our Dashboard. 
    2. For more detailed information please visit our Migration Guide

  3. Reviews Request Email
    1. Let’s get you started with the general email settings.
      1. Type your shop name in the textbox under ‘Store Name’ and ‘From Name’
      2. Settings => General Email Setting
  4. Widget Installation
    2. Our widgets allow you to easily customize the appearance of your user generated content on your website. For example in a tab on the side of the page or a carousel of your best reviews in your sites cart page to encourage a checkout.
    3. With a little bit of code (or a little bit of help from your developers), it's easy to display your reviews in various parts of your store using widgets. Each widget has a custom snippet that you place into where you want it reviewed on your website.

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