Display Widgets

Showcase the UGCs in your store with the list of display widgets available. This guide will showcase examples of each widget. You can preview them in the dashboard under "Display Widgets" in settings: https://go.stamped.io/v3/#/settings/widgets/display/

There will be example from our demo site provided in this guide for each display widget for your reference. 

All display widgets will only showcase 5 star reviews by default. There is a "minimum rating" setting available in the setup option should you wish to display reviews of lower ratings.

In this guide

Display reviews in a carousel style widget. Example

Full page

Display all reviews in a full-page style widget, usually used in a dedicated reviews page.

Showcase all reviews with photos in either Carousel or Gallery style. Only applicable to reviews with photos.

Wall Photos

Utilize a wall-photo style widget to display all reviews. Example

Top Rated

A carousel-style widget to showcase products with the most reviews.

Site Badge

A badge that can be placed in your store to showcase the number of reviews received for your branding. Comes in minimalist and badge styles.



Side drawer

A sliding widget shown as a tab on the side of the screen in your store.

Instagram Feed

Widget for displaying curated photos using Stamped.io's Instagram feature, comes in carousel or gallery style. *Instagram Curation is available in the Enterprise plan: https://stamped.io/features/instagram-curation

Checkout Comments

Widget for displaying collected checkout comments, usually placed in product pages. *Checkout comment feature is available on all paid plans

Net Promoter Score(NPS) Carousel Widget

Apart from the product reviews, the customer is also keen to read the Site/Company Reviews. With the NPS Carousel, you can highlight these reviews to potential customers.

Note: NPS feature is available on the Enterprise plan

Example | Installation Instruction

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