This document contains the basic instructions to access's APIs.

For API endpoints documentation, please visit the following link:

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All API URLs referenced in this documentation start with the following base part:

Your account may contain several domains. To avoid passing the domain name as a query parameter, most API URLs must include the name of the domain you’re interested in:


When you sign up for an account, you are given an API key. You authenticate to the API by providing your API Key and API Secret in the request. You can manage your API key in the ‘API Keys’ page of the Control Panel.

Authentication to the API occurs via HTTP Basic Auth. Use API Key as the user name and your API Secret is the password. Here is how you use basic HTTP auth with curl:

curl --user 'pubkey-A75m4erU0P4RC62ql52e2JOE5Y0Lpc:key-3ax6xnjp29jd6fds4gc373sgvjxteol0'