Reviews Syndication Between Stores

The Reviews Syndication feature allows all the reviews for the same product to share across multiple stores (i.e. different sites, domains or regions).

*Reviews Syndication is available in the Professional plan for all involved accounts

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Introduction To Reviews Syndication

Reviews Syndication allows all the reviews for the same product with the same product identifier to be shared across multiple stores. 

For example, if you have Product A in both your US and EU stores with the same product handle:

The reviews for the Product A in the US store can be displayed on the EU store and vice versa.

One-way syndication is also possible with this feature (i.e. if you wish to display the Product A's reviews from the US store on the EU store, but not the reviews from the EU store on the US store.

The Reviews Syndication feature is useful for your new store that are selling the same products but has not collected any reviews yet, or for collating all the reviews for the same products to be shown across all of your stores which will encourage your potential customers viewing the product from the other store to purchase the product.

For example, all of your customers may have purchased and left the reviews of Product A on the US store previously or you wish to start selling Product A on the EU store, hence you wish to display the reviews for product A from the US store on the EU store to encourage potential customers from the EU store.

Product Identifiers

Below is the list of product identifiers that are commonly used in different platforms for reviews syndication.

Do note that the product identifier needs to match for the same product in different stores for the reviews syndication to work (i.e. Product A's product handle must both be product-a in all of the stores)

Shopify platform:

Product Handle or SKU

BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce and Custom platform:


If your products are set up with a different type of matching identifier, please contact our support at

Setting Up Reviews Syndication

As the reviews syndication has to be set up on our end, please contact us at for us to assist you in with setting up of the reviews syndication across your stores.

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