Review - Reviews with Photos/Videos

Collect and showcase product reviews with pictures and videos, which can be a valuable User-Generated Content to compliment the written reviews on's display widgets.

Review photo feature is available on all paid plans. Each review is limited to a maximum of 3 photos.

- Review video feature is only on the Business and Enterprise plans.

In This Guide

Why Review Photos/Videos?

Customers want to see what products look like outside of the product images. For this reason, photos/videos of your products in use, submitted by your customers, are an awesome way for customers to really get a feel of how your products presents itself in reality. 

Here's how the process goes:

  1. Customer receives review request via email, fills up the form, submits
  2. Customer gets redirected to Image/Video submission page, where they'll be asked if they'll like to upload images of their products, and also skippable
  3. Redirected to Thank you page where they can share the review

The Photo & Video submission process is not shown on test emails. But it will be showing on actual emails sent to customers for actual orders.

Here's an image to further illustrate the process:

Enabling The Photo/Video Upload Feature

  1. Settings - Customize - Reviews - Photos & Videos
  2. Select the checkbox for 'Photos Upload' or 'Video upload', depending on the feature you would like to enable
  3. Click on 'Save' on the right side of the page

Editing/Rotating Photos

In the dashboard you can easily moderate the photo review submission, with rotating the photo's orientation with the button in the top-right corner of the photo when mousing over it. 

Publishing/Unpublishing Photos & Videos

Under the same section within the review details, the individual photos & videos can be published/unpublished by clicking on the eye icon:

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