Uninstalling Stamped.io

Are you having any issues with Stamped.io? We recommend contacting us at hello@stamped.io should you require any form of assistance before considering uninstalling the app.

Should you still wish to proceed with uninstalling Stamped.io, it’s a simple process with minimal manual code removal required.


For Shopify platform, you will need to remove the pre-installed widget codes from the theme, which is located in two files:

  • templates/product.liquid
    You will find the main widget code located in the last line of the file, it starts with <!-- Stamped.io auto-installation

  • sections/product-template.liquid
    Here’s where the badge code is located, you will find it under the h1 tag for product title:
    <span class="stamped-product-reviews-badge stamped-main-badge" data-id="{{ product.id }}" data-product-sku="{{ product.handle }}" data-product-title="{{product.title}}" data-product-type="{{product.type}}" style="display: inline-block;">{{ product.metafields.stamped.badge }}</span>

If the widget codes were custom-installed, you will need to approach the support team to assist you with removing the codes.


You can simply remove the widget script located in Script Manager section.


Uninstalling the plugin/module from the admin will disable the display of Stamped.io’s widget completely.