Announcement: "Unsupported App" tag

UPDATE: 2020-08-17

The "Unsupported app" tag has been removed from the Shopify's Apps section.

Thank you for your patience!


The "Unsupported app" tag is showing on Shopify's Apps admin due to a mistake on an update made today that called a depreciated API endpoint on Shopify's API. 

As Shopify automated the process of flagging the app due to a depreciated API endpoint call, the "Unsupported app" tag was, unfortunately, showing on the Apps Section.

We're working with Shopify to remove the tag as soon as possible.

You can safely ignore the tag, it will be removed automatically in 24 - 48 hours.

Please be assured all functionality of the app is working as expected, and this does not affect any part of the application usage in any way.

If you've any questions or need clarification please email us directly at and we will assist swiftly.

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