Installing Display Widgets

Now it's time to make your store much more attractive by installing our Display Widgets and showcase the reviews you have received. In this guide we will walk you through the steps and different methods of installing Display Widgets while going through few examples.

If you would like to know more about the various Display Widgets we offer then please refer this article: Display Widgets

*This guide is only applicable for Shopify users*

In This Guide

Introduction to Display Widget Installation

The most important part of installing Display Widget is the right spot where you want to place the widget. The placement of the widget is completely based on the look and feel of the website you are trying to achieve and one that suits your branding. Hence, there is no thumb rule how and where a widget should be installed, it's only limited to your imagination. 

We will go through each of the installation method with some of our popular Display Widgets, however the same methods can be followed for any other widget. So let's begin...

Generating the Widget code

You can generate the code snippet for the respective Display Widget by heading over to the Dashboard:

1. Click on the Display Widget you want to install and apply the customization as required. Any settings and changes will be reflected on the preview on the right. 

2. Once you are done, click on ' Get Codes'

3. Copy the generated code by clicking on ' Copy Codes'

*This step is common for all Display Widgets*

Installing Display Widgets via Theme Customizer

In this method we will install the ' Carousel' Display Widget on Homepage of our demo store.

1. Login to your Shopify Admin panel

2. On the left, click on ' Online Store' and then click on 'Themes'

3. Next to your Current Theme, click on the ' Customize' button

4. On the left again, scroll down to the bottom and click on ' Add Section'

5. Under Add Section, click on ' Custom HTML'

6. Paste the generated widget code from Dashboard in the HTML content text box.

7. You can now see the Custom HTML section showing up at the bottom which you can drag and place between after any sections, based on which the Carousel widget will appear on your homepage

8. Click ' Publish' on top right corner to make the page live.

Installing Widgets on Custom Page

In this method, we will create a dedicated 'Reviews' page and install the ' Full Page' Display Widget.

1. Login to your Shopify Admin panel

2. On the left, click on ' Online Store', go to 'Pages' and the click on 'Add Page' on the top right corner

3. Add a Title for the page and then click on the HTML icon

4. In the HTML editor paste the generated widget code copied from the Dashboard for 'Full Page' display widget.

5. Click on ' Save' for the changes to take effect.

Installing Widgets anywhere in the theme via Code Editor

In this method, we will install the ' Site Badge' widget on the footer of our demo store.

1. Login to your Shopify Admin panel

2. On the left, click on ' Online Store' and then click on 'Themes'

3. Next to your Current Theme, click on the ' Actions' button and click 'Edit code' from the drop down list.

4. Search for the file footer.liquid

5. In this example, we have placed the Site Badge code underneath the Contact Form in Footer. Now click ' Save' on top right corner to apply the changes.

If you have any questions or require any assistance with the Display Widget installation:

Simply reach out to us at or by sending us a message at the bottom right of this page, and our support team will be here to help.