How-To: Email Sequence Feature

Worry that you might not get the reviews from customers after the emails are sent out? Sit tight and relax and let the ‘Email Sequence’ feature ease your worries.

  • Settings -> Customize - Reviews - Email Sequence
  • Click on 'Add sequence' to add another email sequence, this will be sent to customers who did not submit a review through the 1st email sent
  • Each sequence can be individually customized, just like your original review email
  • Up to 3 additional email sequence can be added

How it works:

  1. First sequence is sent to customers 14 days after fulfillment
  2. If customer hasn't written the review, within 7 days, the second email from sequence #2 will be sent to the customer 
  3. If customer still hasn't written the review, within another 7 days, the third email from sequence #3 will be sent

Note: The number of days can be updated under Interval 

Why is adding more Sequence Important?

You can add up to 3 additional sequences (excluding sequence #1), this ensures that you can reach out to customers who have missed your email previously, and hence increasing the chances of conversions.

The best part is, you can even have a different email subject, message, schedule, and layout for each sequence, so you can easily do an A/B tests to find out which combination works best for your target audiences.

Other benefits:

  • We're now tracking conversion rates on each sequence, this allows you to see the best performing review request emails sequence. Tracking statistic UI isn't available yet but will be in the next update
  • Liquid support! We love that our users love liquid coding in Shopify, and now we're bringing this to! Tons of possibility using Liquid in review request emails here are some variables reference:
  • And some tips  of  the possibilities!

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