Getting Started - WooCommerce Wordpress

You've taken the first step to starting your User-Generated Content (UGC) journey.

In just a few steps we can make it happen together! 

4 Step Success Checklist

  1. Install the Plugin 
    1. Activate the Plugin
    2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > and fill out the settings 
      • You can get the API keys by signing up for a free account at
    3. The Store URL should only contain your Store URL, without https: or //

    4. Update your display settings to determine where you want your reviews displayed on your product pages.

  2. Import Existing Reviews to - Upload Existing Review Content 
    1. With our Reviews Importer, you can easily import/migrate all your current reviews into
    2. For more details please visit our Migration Guide
  3. Reviews Request Email - Request New User-Generated Content
    1. Let’s get you started with the general email settings.
      1. Type your shop name in the text box under ‘Store Name’ and ‘From Name’
      2. Settings => General Email Settings
    2. Customize the review request emails with your Company branding:
      1. Add your Logo
      2. Personalize the email message to match your branding! 
      3. Customize the email background, font and star colors
      4. Manage the email sending options to what best fits your store
  4. Widget Installation -  Showcase your User-Generated Content
    1. Set Up Display Widgets
    2. With a little bit of code (or a little bit of help from your developers), it's easy to display your reviews in various parts of your store using widgets. Each widget has a custom snippet that you place into where you want it showcased on your website.
    3. Our widgets allow you to easily showcase your user-generated contents on your website. For example in a tab on the side of the page or a carousel of your best reviews in your sites cart page to encourage a checkout.

Supported Shortcodes

To show the star ratings:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[Woo_stamped_io type="badge"]'); ?>

To show the product reviews widget:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[Woo_stamped_io type="widget"]'); ?>

To add rich snippet in product page:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[Woo_stamped_io type='rich-snippet']"); ?>

If you're not using the widget in a product page, simply use these shortcodes instead:

To add rich snippet by using Product ID:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[Woo_stamped_io type='rich-snippet' product_id=5]");  ?>

To add badge by using Product ID:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[Woo_stamped_io type=badge' product_id=5]"); ?>

To add widget by using Product ID:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[Woo_stamped_io type=widget' product_id=5]"); ?>

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