How-To: Redirect Customers to a Specific URL After Review is Submitted?

It is important to recognize the time your customers’ took to write the review and also letting your customers know that you appreciate their time and effort. With a simple sign of respect and gratitude, we recommend redirecting customers to ‘Thank you’ page once the review is submitted.

Note: In order to redirect customers to a specific URL, there must be an URL provided in the textbox

Apart from expressing your gratitude to your customers who have written a review, you may also choose to redirect customers who have given a low rating review to another specific URL. The URL could redirect customers to an ‘apology’ page which comes with a discount coupon code greater than the incentive coupon.

Note: 1) In order to redirect customers to a specific URL for low rating reviews, the check box for ‘Redirect to URL after a review is submitted’ must be checked. 2) If there is no URL set, the above URL (Reviewed Redirect URL) will be used

  • Type the URL in the textbox ‘Reviewed Redirect URL for low rating (optional)'
  • Click ‘Save’ button on the bottom of the page

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