How do customers write a review? allows visitors and customers to submit reviews in multiple ways. You can then use them to promote your store and compel buying actions so as to drive conversions easily.

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Email Sequence - Automated review requests

Schedule a series of pre-written emails requesting reviews from customers on a scheduled time after order fulfillment or order placement. With our review form embedded directly inside the email, customers can easily submit their review with ease removing any friction – which can increase conversions by more than 70%.

Review request emails can further be customized to fit your business needs, set it up to dispatch on particular intervals and even add custom forms with additional questions.

Please take a look at this article to learn more about the Email Sequence feature.

Messenger Bot

Automate Review Requests through FB Messenger with a single click. The Messenger Bot lets you collect reviews easily from customers, through's integration with Facebook Messenger.

Note: Support for Messenger Bot is available only on subscription plans starting from Business.

Please take a look at this article to learn more about the integration and directions on how to integrate.


On top of review requests through email, lets you to send a reminder review request via SMS. Since SMS has high open rates, this feature helps you encourage happy customers write reviews.

Please take a look at this article for more details and directions on how to send customers a reminder through SMS.

Main Widget on the product pages allows visitors and customers write reviews through product pages specific to products which are then accessible by public as per the moderation settings.

Visitors/customers can simply scroll to the main widget and add a review by rating the product based on their satisfaction rating. They can further share the review on social media to spread a word

Self-hosted Write a review page

The self-hosted Write a review page allows visitors/customers to write a review without redirecting to the product page. You can ask customers to write a general review or product specific reviews by sharing a direct link through any media

Please take a look at this article to learn more about self-hosted Write a review page.

Note: Self-hosted Write a review page is available only on Shopify stores.


We do offer a powerful REST API. For API endpoints documentation, please visit the following link:

Display Widgets offers various display widgets for different purposes and you can make use of them to show all or specific reviews on the product page or anywhere you would like. You can design a widget of your choice here, copy the code and install in a new page you want as instructed in this article.