Zapier + - Using as Trigger

Now you can integrate with 700+ Apps on Zapier. Here's how you can use as the trigger.

To use as the action for review requests, please refer to this guide instead.

Note: Zapier integration is only available on Premium plan and above

In This Guide

Setting Up Integration With Zapier

  1. Our integration is currently on invite-only, simply click on this link:

  2. Click on 'Accept Invite & Build Zap'

Using As Trigger

  1. Click on 'Create this Zap'

  2. Click on 'Save + Continue'

  3. Click on 'Connect a New Account'

  4. You'll be prompted to input your API Public & Private key, you can grab these details from Dashboard.

    Once filled click on 'Yes, Continue':

  5. You'll see your Account in the list, select and click 'Save + Continue'

  6. You can select the review's rating to trigger the Zap (e.g. set as 1 if you want the trigger to activate only for new reviews rated 1 star, or leave blank to trigger for all reviews regardless of rating), click 'Continue'

  7. Click on 'Fetch & Continue'

  8. You'll see the success message 'Test Successful!', and that's it! You can continue to create an Action to connect with any app listed on Zapier.