Getting Started - NETO

Neto Integration

There are 2 steps to integrating Neto with
1) Adding Webhook URL to Neto
Go to Neto's Cpanel => All Settings => Settings & tools => All settings & tools => API Settings

Fill in the following fields:

Enable Neto API webhook:
Neto API webhook URL:
Note: Copy the Neto API key and email it to us at with your Store URL as we'll need the API key for integration.

2) Adding reviews widget on the storefront

Add in Theme's Header template:

function myInit(){ 
apiKey: '##publicAPIKey##', 
storeUrl: '##storeUrl##' 

<script async onload="myInit()" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Reviews Widget Installation (product page):
<div id="stamped-main-widget" data-product-id="[@inventory_id@]" data-name="[@name@]" data-url="[@config:canonical_url@]" data-image-url="[@config:homeurl@][%asset_url type:'product' id:'[@SKU@]' thumb:'full'/%]" data-description="[@short_description@]" data-product-sku="[@SKU@]" data-rich-snippet="false"> </div>

Reviews Summary Star Rating Installation (product page or category page):
<span class="stamped-product-reviews-badge" data-id="[@inventory_id@] data-product-sku="[@SKU@]" style="display:block;"></span>

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