ActiveCampaign + Integration

With ActiveCampaign Integration, you'll now be able to create an automation email to target specific customer groups based on their recent user-content submission.

For example, you can send a 'Thank You' email to the customer for a positive review, or, an 'Apology' email if the customer submitted a negative review.

These tracking events will be pushed to ActiveCampaign customer's profile:

  • SubmittedReviewPositive
  • SubmittedReviewNegative
  • SubmittedNPSPromoter
  • SubmittedNPSPassive
  • SubmittedNPSDetractor
  • SubmittedQuestion

If you need to create the automation before the event is pushed into ActiveCampaign, here's a screencast of how you can add the Event before it's generated:

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